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Press Release

Soldier Water, LLC announced today the launch of Soldier Water, a bottled water where 10% of the net profit is donated to a foundation that distributes the funds directly to military members and their families who are in need.

“We’re really excited to have everything come together. We wanted to create a product that had a direct impact on helping military personnel and their families who are in need because we know that sometimes life brings us some difficult challenges. This was our solution,” said Linda Meade, President of Soldier Water.

One of the most important focuses of Soldier Water is that the percentage of the proceeds will be distributed across all of the armed forces. “As we brought this concept to fruition, we really wanted to make sure that we addressed all members of the military, including the reserves. We wanted to do something to ‘Give Back’ to the people who have dedicated their lives and families to protect our rights. This transcends politics, and it’s about supporting the people who have made great sacrifices on our behalf,” said Kevin Wilson, Vice President of Sales.

The company intends to distribute to the military, as well as the food service industry and traditional grocery and retail establishments. In a discussion with the Vice President, Joey Sirmans, he said “Everyone needs water – it’s a basic human need. Most everyone buys water, but wouldn’t you rather buy water and know that part of the profits are going somewhere that is making a difference in people’s lives? We want to be able to be there if there is a family in need and I believe it’s a cause everyone can believe in.”

Soldier Water, LLC is currently expecting high volumes of demand based on initial feedback from major distribution channels and is currently reviewing several sponsorship proposals for major events. If you are interested in stocking Soldier Water, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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