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Soldier Water wants to give back to you and your families. You have dedicated your lives to keeping our way of life safe and our country free, so we came up with a way in which the American people can help you. Every day we drink water - by drinking Soldier Water, which is simply purified water in a bottle – we can help you and your families in times of crisis, financial need, and even educational assistance.

Soldier Water is committed to giving 10% of our net profits to fund programs and services that are desperately needed by you and your families. In order to accomplish this, we have created a fund just for you – Soldier Water Foundation. This foundation is a nonprofit organization that is run by a Board of Directors, most of which have a military background. Who better to know what your needs are and truly understand the impact being away from family and loved ones has on you and the people who are important to you?

We want you to give us feedback – tell us what you need, how you feel, and ways we can help you better. We offer a blog on this site for your immediate advice or concerns, and in the future we will include a forum just for your discussions. We encourage you to tell your friends and family about it and ask that they share their thoughts with us as well. Tell us what you want – and we will strive to make it happen.

In the meantime – we also need your help and support. Tell your families, friends and neighbors to make the switch – drink Soldier Water because in making this small change – it will impact your lives – by simply drinking Soldier Water.

If you don’t see Soldier Water at your BX, PX or even aboard your ship – then ask for it! Challenge everyone you know to make the difference and help give back –simply by drinking Soldier Water – your water!

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